This year vintage AIS Nikkor glass and toy cameras were on my list.  I love the Nikkor primes to use as lenses on my two Canon cameras, especially for video.  The manual aperture and feel of these lenses are fantastic & while not as sharp as Ziess & Contax alternatives I still love the look the they give.  Unfortunately while there were plenty of lenses there wasn’t THE lens I was looking for.

Did manage to pick up a couple of nice toy cameras, though I shouldn’t be calling the Brownie a toy camera.  Also there were a range of super 8 & standard 8 cameras in varying conditions.  Picked up a very nice, hardly canon super 8 for $30. 

Apart from all the gear and $2 hotdogs the best aspects of these markets are the dealers.  Often aligned to brands or eras these folks are a wealth of info and anecdotes and are always happy to chat to a fellow gearhead about f-stops, minimums & film stock availability.

Next market is October 21at the Ultimo Community centre.  See you there for a hot dog & Linhof Technica.

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